Danica said yes! Surprise Proposal Photos at Condado Beach, Puerto Rico

I can't believe it's almost a year from Ryan and Danica's engagement in Condado Beach! Looking at past projects for inspiration on what to blog during a pandemic, I felt that Ryan's proposal had the simplicity but emotion my heart needed right now. So, their engagement blog is finally here! 

Planning a Simple Marriage Proposal

Last August, Ryan contacted me after reading my blog on Puerto Rico proposal location ideas. He and his then-girlfriend Danica were visiting Puerto Rico in about a month. He wanted to propose to her before their dinner reservations at a Condado restaurant.

We debated on whether to have the proposal on a scenic beach somewhere outside of Condado, as Condado is a cosmopolitan location that's usually full of the hustle and bustle. We settled on making the proposal at Capitol Beach, one of my favorites. It's scenic and intimate but within a short uber trip or walk from anywhere in the tourist area.

The Proposal Day - Condado Beach

A few days before the proposal, Ryan contacted me again. He decided to keep it simple and propose right in Condado Beach, as their dinner reservation would be right there. It would be a more straightforward plan to follow. We were quite lucky, as it was a rainy day, so the beach was almost empty! The rain stopped just in time for me to sit down on my towel, set my camera, and pretend I was just another beachgoer.

A few minutes later, Ryan and Danica arrived. After several laps around the beach, he accumulated the courage to go down on one knee and surprise her with a ring. She was so happy, said yes immediately, and hugged in what felt like forever. Some beachgoers and people looking from balconies of nearby businesses started clapping for them. Eventually, I walked up to them, greeted Ryan, and introduced myself to Danica. It started drizzling, so we hid from the rain for a few minutes, which helped them get ready for their upcoming portrait session. We walked along the beach, doing engagement photos until it was time for dinner. A beautiful day!





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