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Things You Should Know About Proposing at El Morro

Hey there! Slowly but surely, I'm sharing some of the tons of events and sessions I've done in 2021. Today, here's Mahir's proposal to Priyal. I loved the light & easy vibe of the couple and enjoyed so much photographing this special moment for them. I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to refresh on some basics about proposing at El Morro and other places to get engaged in Puerto Rico.  

The proposal plan

Two days before their arrival to Puerto Rico, Mahir contacted me asking me for something simple close to a castle or a beach: "We're taking a trip to Puerto Rico because she hasn't traveled since lockdown happened. I'm going to pop the question. She's kind of expecting it, but I think she thinks it's going to happen later in the summer."

After I sent him a link to my article that helps my clients find a proposal location, we got into a call, after which we determined El Morro was the perfect fit for his plans. 

Just two days later, they arrived in Puerto Rico and drove to Old San Juan with the excuse to kill time before their friends arrived on their delayed flight. I followed them, pretending I was just another tourist, which wasn't difficult to pull off since the park was packed. 

He walked around, scouting which would be his final decision on a precise location. After he found the perfect spot, they sat down on a ledge until he gathered the courage to ask, and he did! She said yes, after being slightly concerned that they were blocking my view for a good landscape. I found this so cute, as I felt I was so obviously there for them. After celebrating and enjoying this moment together, we walked around and took portraits into the sunset. 

Things you should know about proposing at El Morro.

El Morro is the kind of proposal location where you can keep it simple without decor or setup since it's so scenic. However, shooting inside the forts can become problematic as sometimes they might ask for permits or at least interrupt the moment to check what's going on. That said, my suggestion would be to check places to get engaged outside of the walls, which is even more scenic, in my opinion. 

It will be busy

El Morro is one of the, if not THE most, popular attractions in Puerto Rico, and we'll have no control over the crowds. So be mindful and open-minded to other tourists occupying the preferred spot you saw online. Look around; every direction is scenic here.

Getting there is one thing; parking is another

Driving to El Morro means going through Old San Juan to its very end. Protests, carnivals, and even cruise ships directly impact the traffic conditions in the Old Town. As a result, traffic might take longer than the GPS estimate. 

Also, parking is limited, and on busy holidays, you might not find any. Street parking is limited to residents on evenings and weekends, so please avoid a parking ticket and consider a taxi or rideshare if only for your proposal day.

It will be windy

El Morro is the place where Puerto Rican locals take their kids to fly kites on Sundays. It has that reputation because it's always windy, sometimes to the point that it prevents you from walking correctly. So please, avoid short dresses, having the hair down, and use an abundance of hairspray.

Some parts are under construction

They have been building a railing around the premises, hoping that curious visitors avoid getting too close to the edge of these 140-feet tall walls. So be open-minded that we might arrive at the location and find some spots closed out.

It will be beautiful and make you feel like you're in another time and place

For centuries, the walls of El Morro protected the city from most invasions and dangers. Now, they also are the backdrop of countless love stories and beautiful memories. 

I hope these tips help. Can't wait to meet you there!





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