Romantic Glam Destination Wedding at Hacienda Siesta Alegre

Today I share a love story of Hacienda Siesta Alegre one of my favorite wedding venues.

When Jess & David met, they weren't looking for love. However, their families believed they could be something, so they insisted until J&D started a friendship. They began dating, but it wasn't until they took a weekend trip to Puerto Rico that they realized they were meant to be.

I ask all couples what makes their day extra special.

When asked about their most important choices about their wedding day, they agreed that having it in Puerto Rico, their Isla del Encanto, was important to them as it brings them memories about their culture and traditions. Since Puerto Rico is where their relationship began, starting this new part of their lives together on the island was the obvious choice.

When they visited their venue for the first time, they immediately fell in love with it. They found Hacienda Siesta Alegre to be very magical, worthy of having such a special day celebrated there. Jess and David are also big on family. They didn't say that in our interview, but they didn't need too. I'm happy they got to share such a special day with all of them.

I started the day visiting Jessica at her bridal suite at the Hacienda. She greeted me with a signature smile, the same one she had all day, although I know the stressful job it is to be a bride. The day was a bit cloudy, so trying to avoid rainfall, we powered through the getting ready photos of both Jess and David. It wasn't until editing that I realized how beautiful all the details and accessories they had put together for their wedding day!

They ceremony was flawless, and the clouds gave us a soft, overcast lighting to die for. I swooned at the faces of Jess & David, and the tenderness they showed with each other. After the I do's, we did a quick walk around the Hacienda for their newlywed photos. Afterward, I walked into a gorgeous, white-with-golden-and-pink accents reception area.

Rainy Wedding Day at Hacienda Siesta Alegre

Whenever drizzles start making their appearance, I worry. Not about my gear, or the photos, as I'm sure I can handle rainfall. I worry about the bride, groom and guests, as I know this is an undesired -yet uncontrollable- situation in outdoor weddings. Rain can put guests in a weird mood that might take away the fun of the reception.

Not to worry! The dance floor never emptied in this one! Props to DJ Joel Big J for that! We even had an homage to Jess & David's Puerto Rican roots with a batucada appearance, zancudos and all! This crowd traded fancy shoes for flip-flops, and danced the night away! Another perfect wedding day for the books...

I'm sincerely grateful of having experienced this day with J&D, as well as their engagement session memories. It was an excellent day, with a fantastic crowd and team!



Camille is a wedding photographer based in Puerto Rico, and has
been capturing beautiful wedding stories for the past 8 years. Contact Cami here.

Puerto Rico Wedding Vendors for This Event

Wedding Photographer: Camille Fontanez
Wedding Planning: Krizia Díaz
Wedding Venue: Hacienda Siesta Alegre, Rio Grande
Music: Joel Big J
Bridal Dress: Minervas Bridal
Groom's Attire: Eddy K. Designer
Video: Gabriel Gonzalez
Cake: C + M Cake Designer



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