Romantic Ways to Propose in Puerto Rico: Intimate Beach Proposal

While researching romantic ways to propose in Puerto Rico, Tanner found my proposal photography portfolio and contacted me!

I’m trying to have a surprise proposal for my girlfriend and want to have a reasonably priced but good photographer ! We have never been to Puerto Rico before so I was hoping to find a good place to do the proposal?

Of course, I know about great places to propose. I always try to get a little bit of info from the client to make it perfect for each couple, so we started talking and planning until we came upon the ideal plan.


Romantic ways to propose in Puerto Rico: Proposal planning

Puerto Rico is a small archipelago, but it has many different kinds of locations. Each type of location has a different set of challenges and peculiarities. Some places aren't Uber-accessible; some require a bit of hiking, others require reservations.

Tanner and Fawna would be staying in the Isla Verde area, and he wanted a scenic beach located nearby. Isla Verde is a coastal community, but it has hotels and condos all across the coast. So I suggested this beach in Old San Juan, which is secluded, accessible, and close to where the fun happens.

Stress-free and romantic ways to propose in Puerto Rico

So I waited, pretending to be just another beachgoer. Until the couple who fit the description showed up. They walked back and forth the coast a few times, maybe making sure it was me for real. When Tanner gathered up the courage, he stood in front of her, held her hands (that's always my signal), and finally proposed. Fawna had one of the most surprising reactions to his proposal; it was so cute!

She said yes, and after a few minutes of processing the moment, we had photos on the beach and walked along to other Old San Juan locations. I shared some of my favorite spots for photos with them until we reached the sunset at El Morro Fortress. There, I left them to enjoy the last minutes of their special day in solitude.




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