Chelsea Said Yes! Beach Proposal at Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Satya and Chelsea had planned a vacation trip to Puerto Rico, but Chelsea only knew part of the plans. Two weeks before his trip to Puerto Rico, Satya googled proposals in Puerto Rico and stumbled upon me. He told me he wanted to propose during their time here, and he wanted photos to remember their engagement memories. He had already booked a restaurant to celebrate afterward and wanted a bit of help finding the perfect marriage proposal location. I always get excited about these surprise engagement sessions, because they're still an adventure, and I feel like a secret sidekick (with a camera).

Satya was torn into having Old San Juan photos or a San Juan beach proposal, but why not have both? There's a semi-secret beach location I love that is within walking distance to the old city, so that's where we decided to meet.

Surprise San Juan Beach Proposal 

The biggest question in the future fiancé's minds is always this: how would we do about it without the other person noticing? So here's what I do. First, I dress up as a regular tourist at the beach. Then I get there about 20 minutes earlier than our start time to scout the area. I sit down in the sand with a bright-colored blanket, so I'm easy to identify by my client, get the camera ready, hide it, and finally, wait until I see the couple.

Satya had already described his' and Chelsea's outfits, so I just had to wait for them to show up, and walk right in front of where I was already standing. And then he dropped the knee! Chelsea immediately said yes, he stood up and they held each other for a long time. So happy!

After a while, I introduced myself, congratulated them, and we walked around the beach and then Old San Juan, taking a short photo session for the happy couple! Here's their set.

Congratulations and happy wedding planning!





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