Proposal Photos at St Regis Bahia Beach

Two months before Paul and Giovanna's big day, I received his inquiry for proposal photography rates for his surprise marriage proposal at the St Regis Resort in Puerto Rico.

"My girlfriend is from Puerto Rico, and I thought of proposing there, but I don't know the area well. Some aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins are there. I was thinking of something private, but I also wanted the moment captured possibly."

Although he wanted to propose intimately, he knew that he wished Giovanna's family to join them in celebration after they'd had their moment.

Surprise Beach Proposal at the St. Regis Bahia Beach

After watching several of my proposals and weddings at the St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort, he decided on proposing there, initially at the main lawn. 

Tips for choosing your outfit

During our planning, Paul asked me what to wear for his St Regis Bahia Beach proposal. Most clients wear whatever they would wear for a nice dinner, a button-down shirt with a good pair of chinos, and then some casual shoes, depending on their style. I get clients from all over, so the formality of the situation changes dramatically with each cultural background. However, I don't recommend you put on a tux unless you'd want to give away the surprise! 

Concerning the weather and temperature, Puerto Rico is 90-degree hot and humid for the better part of the year. If you're sweaty people (for lack of better words), I'd recommend: 

  • using light linen materials,
  • wearing undershirts, and
  • running a spot test with some drops of water on whatever you're wearing to make sure it doesn't stain too much (stay away from greys because they're annoyingly prone to sweat marks).


Surprise Beach Proposal Photos

So check this out: I'm ready by the lawn area, and I see a couple that looks like Paul and Giovanna (we had exchanged selfies) pass by me. I get on ninja-paparazzi mode, and I see Paul take a nerve-induced detour from our original plan. 

After a split-second freakout, I see them going into the gardens towards the beach, and I make a run for it! I saw Paul anxiously looking back at me many times, and I made the best I could to show him I was right there without giving the surprise away. They hit the beach, and I was happy again: wide-open spaces are great for photographing sudden events like theirs. He drops to one knee, and Giovanna said yes! 

After the big surprise, I approached and congratulated them. Gladly, Giovanna didn't suspect a thing. We did some portraits at several locations within the resort before leaving them to celebrate with their close family members. 

Congratulations on your engagement, and I wish you a beautiful life full of love and health together. Thanks for having me document this moment; it was nerve-wracking but ever so delightful. 



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