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Disponibilidad de Camille Fontz Photo

¡Confirma mi disponibilidad para tu sesión o evento!


5 Amazing Adventures to try in Puerto Rico 2024

Puerto Rico has so much to offer! From beautiful beaches to incredible adventures, here are five must-do activities.


Looking for Bridal Dresses for a Beach Wedding? Here are some tips!

What should you think about when shopping for the perfect bridal dress for a beach wedding? Here is some inspo and tips to guide you!


Debut y Despedida: El Épico Love Story de Gabi y Emma en Cerro Mime

No eres tú, Cerro Mime, soy yo.
Okay, maybe eres tú.


14 Questions to Ask your Wedding Photographer

These questions will be really useful while making the booking decision!

vestidos de novia para playa en puerto rico

¡Tips para elegir vestidos de novia para tu boda de playa!

Técnicamente, cualquier vestido de novia es playero si te casas con él en la playa. Aquí un blog con inspiración y tips para elegir tu vestido de novia.

San Juan beach engagement photos by Puerto Rico photographer Camille Fontanez

Tips from an Expert: What to Wear to my Puerto Rico photo session?

Here I’m sharing some tips on choosing an outfit that looks and feels good.

Elopement location ideas in Puerto Rico

Elopement Location Ideas in Puerto Rico

Looking to elope? Here are my favorite recommendations!

Puerto Rico honeymoon photos

Puerto Rico Honeymoon Destination Guide and Ideas

My favorite recommendations for your Puerto Rico honeymoon!


Getting Married in Puerto Rico: Marriage License Requirements

The officiant and notary Ana María Hernandez shares her ultimate list of Puerto Rico marriage requirements to combat the outdated, misleading information on the internet.