Photography by Camille Fontanez

Family, Children and Maternity Photos in Puerto Rico

I am not your typical family photographer in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I aspire to get a great, wall-worthy portrait out of every portrait session. But my goal goes beyond an excellent camera-aware portrait. I also want to have your family's personality and your meaningful relationships manifest in your photos. 

Lifestyle Family Sessions in Puerto Rico

I believe these are the genuinely memorable images you'll want to look again and again. Not just to see how everyone looked like and how much you've grown, but also to remember that one time you had so much fun during your time in Puerto Rico. You can expect many candids, cute poses, and all combinations of groups, couples, and solo pictures.

Underwater Maternity Sessions

As a sub-specialization of family portrait photography, I also perform underwater photo sessions, mostly for maternity clients. However, they can also be done for couples. To maintain safety standards, I perform aquatic photo sessions for adults only, and always in pools, never in the open ocean.

My availability for family lifestyle sessions anywhere in Puerto Rico is limited to sunset times Sunday through Friday. I reserve Saturdays for weddings and elopements only, and you can find the available slots on my calendar page.

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