A beautiful morning stroll through Old San Juan

I met Natalia & Jeff two days before their beautiful destination wedding at Hacienda Siesta Alegre, on their engagement session at Old San Juan. They surprised me when they told me they've never been to Puerto Rico before, even during their wedding planning.

Sunrise Photo Session in Old San Juan

Since they had never been to Puerto Rico before this weekend, I did my best to create a memorable morning tour of the old city for them. We certainly had a lot of fun, and it was just the perfect ice breaker for their wedding day.

Best Times for Portraits in Old San Juan

Most clients ask me when are the best times for photos in Old San Juan, and Puerto Rico in general. Puerto Rico is so close to the equator that outdoor temperatures remain hot throughout the year, making the sunlight too direct and harsh for the better part of the day. These are some of the reasons why I always recommend either a sunset or a sunrise photo session. 

Old San Juan is devoid of tourists and people in the mornings. Also, the light is beautiful, and the general mood is quiet and intimate. This might feel like a perfect scenario for shy people. Some things to consider before booking your portraits in the morning, however, are:

  • You'll need to wake up early for hair and makeup.
  • Have a good breakfast, so you don't get hungry -and cranky- during your portraits.
  • Opposite than during a sunset session, each moment of the portrait session will feel hotter than the last. I particularly love this about sunset sessions because the cooling down weather helps us be at ease and aids in the icebreaking process. 

So excited to share these with you. Hope you enjoy the photo set and the tips as much as I enjoyed capturing it!