A Gorgeous Engagement Session in Old San Juan

While I was blogging Madeline & Erick's dreamlike destination wedding, I found out I hadn't shared their engagement photos either! So here's a small update to share them with you!

Candid Engagement Photos in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

A few days before their destination wedding, I met with Madeline & Erick for the first time on Old San Juan. My first impression of them was to LOVE their less-casual outfit selection, which really suited them as the classy, gorgeous couple they are!

They were very trusting of me and basically let me do what I wanted, we took a mix of portraits and candid photos while walking along my favorite corners and the colorful streets of the old town. The light was perfect, Maddie & Erick were on a happy and romantic disposition, and we had Old San Juan to ourselves. Perfection.

Bonus Content: Best Time and Dates for your Outdoor Portrait Session in Puerto Rico

Most times, I schedule portrait sessions on weekday afternoons within my availability for various reasons:

  • Weekends are for weddings.
  • Weekdays, especially Monday through Thursday, happen to be less busy in all public locations. Old San Juan gets crazy busy during the weekends since it's a location where both locals and tourists like to hang out at.
  • We schedule the sessions right before sunset, so the weather feels better and better as we're working on the photos, and we're there to catch the sunset if it happens. Lighting close to sunset (or sunrise) is the best for photos since it's dim and not too harsh.

Hope you like this set! 




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