Sunset at the Lighthouse: Perfect Proposal in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Jacob and Annie had been together for a while now, and, in August last year, they started planning their holiday vacations to Puerto Rico. Jacob had an heirloom engagement ring and a clear idea of what he wanted for his perfect proposal. Unlike most boyfriends who don't have a clue how to start or where to propose, he asked me if the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse was as picturesque as it looks on pictures. Of course, it is, and of course, we went! 

Sunsets in Cabo Rojo

The National Wildlife Refuge in Cabo Rojo is one of my recommended things to do during your Puerto Rico vacation. It is also one of my favorite photo session locations in Puerto Rico. After spending a beach day in Playa Sucia, you can walk up to the lighthouse cliff, where you'll see fantastic ocean views and a magnificent sunset. 

A Perfect Proposal

On the day of Jacob and Annie's session, I drove early to Cabo Rojo. It was just a month after Caleb's proposal to Nicole on that same location, and I wanted to take some time to enjoy it on my own as inspiration. There were thunderstorms near the area, and I was worried it would rain on us. The good thing is, there was no one else near the cliffs. It was perfect. 

Then I saw Jacob and Annie arrive. Jacob took her to the shallow passage at the end of the cliff, I always get a bit anxious about that zone, but he was going for a beautiful memory, so I get it. He dropped down on one knee; she said yes, and they hugged in what felt like forever—a sublime moment. 

Proposal and Engagement Photography

Usually, I stay behind so as not to spoil the moment until my client introduces me. Eventually, Jacob let Annie know I was there for them, and we hung around for a while, taking portraits and getting to know each other. They were very candid, romantic and they look so immensely happy in every picture I took of them that afternoon. Eventually, we hiked back together to our cars, and I went back home with the biggest smile on my face, thinking about love and all the good things in life! 






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    Wedding Anniversary 10 yrs. A few photos at the beach in Cabo Rojo PR

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