Cami & Eddie: Newlywed Session @ Old San Juan

I had the privilege of being entrusted as the official photographer for the breathtaking destination wedding of Camille and Eddie, where love and magic were in abundance. The event was filled with whimsy and wanderlust, and the couple's joyous energy was contagious.

A few days after the wedding, I had the pleasure of encountering Camille and Eddie again as we enjoyed a leisurely afternoon stroll for their newlywed portraits in Old San Juan.

During our walk, we stopped by some of their favorite spots in the historic city, such as Plaza de Armas, el Convento Hotel, and el Morro Fortress, which were all steeped in rich cultural heritage.

We even made a quick pit stop at Paseo la Princesa to indulge in the traditional Puerto Rican dessert, piragua, which is a delicious shaved ice treat with fruit-flavored syrup. The refreshing sweetness of the dessert was the perfect way to cap off our delightful excursion.

I am thrilled to share with you the stunning photos from our lovely day, where Camille and Eddie's love shone through every moment.



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Newlywed Sessions in Puerto Rico