Looking for Bridal Dresses for a Beach Wedding? Here are some tips!

Technically, any wedding dress is a beach bridal dress if you wear it to your beach wedding. But, some dresses are better than others, given the nature of a beach wedding. As a wedding photographer in Puerto Rico, having done hundreds of beach weddings during my career, here are my tips for choosing a bridal dress for a beach wedding.

What should I consider when dress shopping for my beach wedding?

In addition to rain-related weather challenges for any outdoor wedding, certain factors should be considered before shopping for a wedding dress for your beach wedding. This information is not to frustrate you but to prepare you in advance so that no 'surprises' spoil your beautiful day.

At your beach wedding, it will be hot

No matter the time of day or year, you'll be hot after several minutes in the sun with hair, makeup, and anxiety. So you and your sweetie should buy lightweight fabrics that won't stain with sweat.

Also, leave silicone pasties or chicken cutlets at home; sweat will have them sliding down your skin in no time. Instead, shop for a dress you don't need any shapewear or bra for.

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At your beach wedding, the sand will get on your gown

It is inevitable, resign yourself to dirtying your dress; it happens with everyone. Bridal dresses are more resilient than you think. If you want to avoid dirt and sand at all costs, choose a "tea length" or "midi" dress. This will prevent a tail from dragging on the ground.

Pants are a great option, too!
Pants are a great option, too!

At your beach wedding, you won't wear shoes.

Few shoes are comfortable walking in the sand, and most couples remove them. However, if you keep the shoes, you will probably be in sandals or low shoes, so you should adjust the hem of your wedding dress accordingly.


At your beach wedding, your dress will probably get wet

Even if you do not intentionally go near the water, being on the coast, the chances of your gown getting wet are high. Sand tends to retain moisture, even on a sunny day.

The most important thing is that, whatever you choose, it is a dress in which you feel good, beautiful, and about which you have no qualms or concerns. On your wedding day, you should feel happy and comfortable in your dress!

Here are some of my favorite beach bridal looks!

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