Somali Engagement Photos at Black Sand Beach in Maunabo, PR

Jasmira and Fuad's engagement session journey was effortless from beginning to end. 

Jasmira reached out via my contact form when I was out of Puerto Rico for a photo shoot. I had set up a vacation responder with a new, self-service app that helps clients get their information quicker from me.

When I logged in upon my return, she had already booked her next week's Somali engagement photos at the black sand beach in Maunabo. I was thrilled!


Black Sand Beach in Maunabo

Maunabo is a southeastern coastal town of the main island in Puerto Rico's archipelago. It boasts miles of raw, wave-dominant beaches: not great for swimming but epic for photo sessions, elopements, and photography in general.

There are several black-sand beaches in Puerto Rico; one is Playa Los Bohíos in Maunabo. However, during active hurricane seasons, beaches are known to change shape and appearance. When we visited just days after hurricane Fiona hit Puerto Rico, there wasn't much black sand to see: it was all covered with vegetal and marine debris.


Somali Engagement Photos in Puerto Rico

Jasmira and Fuad's photoshoot would happen on a Sunday, so my best recommendation was to have the photo shoot at sunrise (6:15 am), so the beach would be empty and the light would be perfect. 

Although it is a bit painful to wake up early for a photo shoot, it's an excellent option for a more intimate process, especially in heavy-traffic areas such as beaches or tourist sites.

Jasmira, of Puertorican descent, wanted to incorporate her partner Fuad's Somali roots into their engagement photos and carry that into their upcoming Somali wedding. For this purpose, they brought beautiful attire to their session.

Just as we parked at the beach, a drizzle happened. We agreed to carry on with our photo shoot, and I'll admit the raindrops added such a lovely element to the initial photo set. As the rain subsided, we explored the beach in search of black sand. Eventually, we gave up on finding black sand and focused on gorgeous views instead. 

I loved chatting and learning more about them as we walked around, watching them act in the most authentic tenderness with each other in front of the camera, allowing me to pull back and just let them be. 

I loved shooting and editing this set, and I hope you do too.



Yasmira's Feedback

This is such great news we were not expecting to receive the portraits back so fast.
Thank you so much for taking our photos it was truly an honor to meet you. We love the photos you took of us and can’t wait to share them with our family and friends.
We had such a great time doing this photo shoot with you. You made us feel at home during this process and very comfortable and I am glad it didn’t rain too heavy the morning of.
Much thanks to you again for your amazing work! 

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