She said yes! Marriage Proposal photos at Old San Juan

Our story started with an e-mail from Raja. He was planning on proposing to his girlfriend Harika, but he had no idea on where and how to do it. He knew this far: he wanted photos of the moment.

Planning a Puerto Rico Proposal

He and Harika were flying into Puerto Rico with a group of friends on vacation.  Obviously, a trip to the Caribbean is the perfect excuse for a beautiful proposal.

Discussing location options with Raja, we settled on a beach in Old San Juan, as it would be uber-accessible but would feature the Ocean, something he was looking forward to having as a backdrop. Also, it's a short drive away from restaurants and bars to celebrate afterward.

This was the plan: I would get to the beach early, set up my picnic, have the camera ready but not out, and pretend I'm just a beachgoer until their super cool Indian group of friends arrived! Not difficult at all!

Beach Proposal in Old San Juan

Since it was a weekday, there were only like two families and then me, incognito paparazzi, at the beach. The day was bright but not too hot, perfect! Fifteen minutes after setting up camp, they all arrived and started to take selfies in the beach. At some point I got confused as to who would be the couple, because they were all nicely dressed!

For surprise proposals, the photographer will try to keep distance from you: close enough that we can take a good shot, but far enough that I won't be noticed prematurely. This could result in couple confusion! Always text the photographer what you're dressed like before arriving!!

Eventually, Raja dropped on one knee and that was my cue to shoot and run towards them. It was very happy, Harika said yes of course! After the initial excitement and shock, I approached the group to introduce myself and greet the recently engaged couple. We then did some group & funny photos before saying goodbye to the friends for a short engagement portrait session at the beach.

When I asked Harika whether she knew Raja would propose, she said yes but the was excited nonetheless. Their portraits were very happy, candid, and on a beautiful sunset.

Congratulations to the lovebirds, and happy wedding planning!



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